Ta3o Ma3e on a Beqaa Wine Tour – 209 Lebanese Wine – Coteaux du Liban & Chateau Ksara

June 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

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Come with me on a Beqaa Wine Tour with 209 Lebanese Wine where we tasted and visited the wineries: Coteaux du Liban and Chateau Ksara. We sampled delicious wines and both wineries were more than generous. I was glad to be part of the group of 209 Lebanese Wine and the vibe was simply amazing.

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Where I went:
– Coteaux du Liban: http://www.libancave.com/
– Chateau Ksara: http://www.chateauksara.com

Whom I was with:
– 209 Lebanese Wine: https://www.209lebanesewine.com/
and friends 🙂


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