My interview with Lyssa Miskawi – ICF Accredited Executive and Career Coach!

December 7, 2016

I am very pleased to release the interview done with my friend Lyssa Miskawi, Leadership & Executive Coach and Career Coach.

1) Hello Lyssa, how are you today? Can you tell our viewers a bit about you?
Hello, I am Lyssa Miskawi, Executive and Career Coach accredited from the ICF (International Coaching Federation). My aim is to help my clients move through any transition smoothly and effectively, in work or in life.
In addition, I am a Human Resources Manager for a group of restaurants in Lebanon.

2) What has prompted you to become a coach?
I wanted to become a coach because I love making a positive difference in people’s lives. I started helping people solve their problems professionally during my work in Human Resources. I found it made my job interesting and exciting.
Accordingly, I decided to develop my coaching skills to better support people and gain personal growth, and especially that, based on a research done by the International Coaching Federation, coaching leads to increased productivity, more self-satisfaction and improved relationships…

3) And how did you find the experience?
It was amazing and so enriching! I enjoyed every bit of the learning experience as I acquired the coaching skills to help clients develop a personalized way of thinking that suits their aspirations and needs.

4) In what ways did coaching impact your work and your life?
Coaching helped me a lot in my work as Human Resources Manager where I deal with employees every day. The way I communicate with team members, how I address any issue with them, how I support in the development of leaders and their teams, etc. improved a lot after acquiring coaching skills.
Now I ask more questions in a certain coaching way to really understand the person, and with my questioning he/she is finding his/her own solutions and answers in a very smooth and efficient way.
Leaders are referring back more to me on ways to develop better their teams and get the best out of them. Also in disciplinary cases, the errant employee really understands the negative impact of his action on the business, colleague, flow of work and most importantly himself.
And I am seeing positive changes and results, more promotions, reduced conflicts, better management of problems, increased communication, etc.
I truly recommend every HR Manager to develop his/her coaching skills to advance their role in the organization.

5) What are your thoughts on the coaching culture implementation at work?
In my role as HR Manager, I initiated a coaching culture in the organizations. The pain point was that, in the fast moving environment of our business, our leaders were always busy and preoccupied with their day to day operational job while not investing much time in properly leading and developing their teams. They mainly manage their employees by giving instructions and punishing them when the job required was not properly met. We wanted our leaders to understand the huge impact they had on their team’s performance and how investing time in leading their employees will provide them with a great return translating in a more productive and autonomous team. This can only be done through coaching.
Our leaders were very well trained on coaching skills so that coaching becomes the basis of managing their teams. I wanted leaders to start conducting one on ones with their team members and communicate with them by really actively listening to them. This required lots of practice to refine their coaching skills and so that leaders can observe the positive results in their coachees. Accordingly the coaching practice lasted 7 months and leaders are still coaching their employees till this date.

Now you can see that leaders communicate better and more frequently with their teams, they provide guidance and support and not just instructions and punishment, they believe more in the potential of their team members and they are working on developing their skills and promote from within, productivity and motivation increased.

6) Not only did you study Leadership and Executive Coaching but also you studied Career Coaching and now are practicing in both. Last time we sat together, we talked about Transition Coaching as your niche. From your HR and coaching experience, can you share a bit about this?
Every person will go through transitions in life, whether it is a new job, new company, new business, new relationships, new ways of work, new country, or any loss that requires a new beginning etc. especially that the pace of life is very fast nowadays and change is the only constant and nothing stands still.
We tend to resist change, even if it is beneficial for us, as we are used to some ways of doing things, habits, behaviors and beliefs that served us in the past, and a comfort zone that it is hard to step out of. I help my clients go through any transition period smoothly and efficiently to embrace change, keep on moving forward and be more fulfilled in life.

7) Thank you so much for your time! And if we would want to contact or reach you how can we find you?
You can like my page “Lyssa, your personal executive coach” (link: and contact me at – Mobile +96171037887.

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