Happy Friday – On a Thursday :)

March 24, 2016

Happy Friday!!


Yes, Happy Friday on a Thursday! It’s the last week of Lent and tomorrow is Good Friday.

Before we take off for the Easter vacation, I am sharing to you these few inspirations of the week and a few words to take along with you

Recognize the power of your subconscious mind and have it on board to create what you want to create.

We all have the will to work with our conscious mind, the blood, sweat and tears to go forward.

However sometimes we fall in Sisyphus’ myth where we want success and improvement (our mind as well hopefully) but can’t seem to get the clogs going in order to move and achieve our goals.

In which case, there is a big percentage in our brain where probably we are fighting this notion of wanting success which we would be getting and manifesting.

Here we are pushing our boulder that is ‘Success’ and seeing it fall in the backslide.

When you manage your assets, think of our subconscious as the most powerful, efficient and effective employee by give it good and clear directions.

The subconscious is like a computer, it will take its programming and run with it.

It’s our job to make sure that its programming is in line with our values and goals.

We do this by programming, re-programming, de-bugging, practicing, re-practicing in consequence and in interval with the goals and “settings” as you become aware of your goals, as they change and so on.

Your habits, you just do them without thinking, this is the power of habit. So when you re-program yourself and your life, you institute a habit, you make the most of this ’employee’/strength/asset that you have at your disposal.

The steps to grab forth and move forward in alignment with your subconscious mind:

1 – After you find the pain and the resistance, acknowledge it and be humble. Trust it, see where it’s coming from and let the unconscious adjust with it. It does have a voice and there is a reason why it’s here.

It came to protect you, serve you, assist you and the time has come where it no longer does so in order to institute something that will help you, make peace with it to move forward.

Most importantly, listen to the wisdom that you can find from this resistance. It can give you some pointers.

2 – Get specific. What is the fear or fears exactly. What is exactly the subconscious looking out for? What are the associations of having or getting what you want is what the subconscious is looking out for?

Be curious and compassionate with yourself, genuinely as there are some good informations there and ah-ha moments. What trappings or freedoms you might need to sacrifice if you get what you want.

3 – Get details and acknowledge them, applaud them before you judge.

4 – Make a promise to yourself: set an intention to work with your subconscious and make a promise to it (make your fear a non-issue), to work with it and not against it.

Appreciate where the fear is coming from and promise yourself to do the new action and habit as long as it doesn’t hurt you. By making a promise you honour yourself what you truly want in your life, your values, what is important for you to make this habit a success.

Keep your promise and start drafting the developments, see where the dashboard was, is and is going. Have an ideal dashboard as well and see how you can work to it so both dashboards are super close to each other 🙂

5 – Pursue it. Honour what is true to ourselves and make a commitment to ourselves to live what we truly want in our lives.

6 – Solidify and affirm, ingrain the perspective in your subconscious. Therefore you facilitate and help your subconscious work and execute towards your goal on your behalf. Positive and proper affirmations help as well. Use it as a kind reminder of what is possible to the road that you want to take it. Repeat it as much as it feels good.

7 – Celebrate the implementation of the habit and start feeling and being grateful for its fruits.

If one does not celebrate, it doesn’t become quite as impactful as when you do. You feel it, connect, sense the accomplishment and strive to putting another stepping stone and move forward.

A tip to help you in the pursuing step is know what is possible (combine heart and mind). Find examples and case studies – positive ones – to fill your subconscious instead of the negative examples: people whose lives have improved thanks to their success in business, people whose freedom has increased and potential has augmented as a result of their success, people who are successful and are in accordance with their values and what they love (it can be success in business and have time for family, friends, etc…).

It can be people you know from around you, people that you don’t know but aspire to, famous people so that you can let the subconscious know it’s possible – that these goals and aspirations can happen in accordance with your values.

Therefore you encourage and re-inforce the idea and take the subconscious where it needs to go.

Write them down, create a vision board (hard copy or even virtual – image or video)), whatever works for you.


Happy Friday!!


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