Don’t fight with Chronos – adapt and manage your time to your suiting.

June 16, 2016

Time Overwhelm…

Aren’t we a bit all familiar with that… Wishing that time would be working for you and not against you (as much as possible). Our fight with Chronos, or time, seems never ending. In this day and age, we suffer from overwhelm, lack of time, a lot of stress, too much to do and too little time dilemma. All the time we are followed (or more likely sometimes bombarded) by way too much information, data, to-do lists, duties and emails to reply to.

Is it affecting your health? Are you feeling tired most of the time? Are you struggling on personal and/professional time issues? If this is you, we hope this blog and vlog can help and inspire you to grab that matter and twist it to your benefit. Please feel free to watch this video (click here or on the link pasted below). Watch it as much as needed and a tip of advice to grab a pen and paper to write down your thoughts and development/progress over time so you can have your own dashboard and see in a physical materialized way your moving forward. This is the link:

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If you are spending too much time at work, feel disorganized and want to increase your productivity and suffer from the lack of it, you need to ask yourself a few questions: Answer truly 🙂 this is for you!

–       What do you want in you days? As in what do you want to feel: peace of mind, less stress, more productivity and feel more grounded and focused on the issues that matter perhaps?

–       What are the positive steps that you can work and benefit from?
a) Work on your behaviours, adapt and change those needed so you can change how you use your times. The results will start to show over time (you reap what you sow).
b) Work on your perceptions, for instance perfectionism. It can work for you like it can work against you and in the time/perfection ratio, it’s usually against you.
c) Set some boundaries and change how you use your time.
d) Channel where you want to be and decide to put your energy into it. Let’s face it one cannot do everything. So it’s good to make peace with that and focus on what really matters. If other topics show up later, step back decide if it’s time for it or not and if it is it will come on its own. Keep it as long as it feels good and not adding up to your dailies and creeping in to overwhelm again (back to behavioural work and follow up).
e) A note and more developed later on: the personal realms and work/life balance. Work is part of our life but there are also different domains as well to cater for and generate the proper equilibrium that is healthy for our mind, body and soul and that feels fulfilling and fair.  Choose your path, be it to live happy and simply, or add more adventures to your life, or balance the two, or add work back in your life or the contrary but aim for that balance.
f) A super important question to ask oneself: are you sabotaging yourself? Take a little moment to think this through. The tendency of self sabotage comes in different shapes and forms: having ideas and not moving forward through goals, feeling one is not good enough, feeling the goals are too big and scary and there is no way we can achieve it, or no way to achieve it unless we master everything we need to master (then there is no more time and we divert from the goal), etc.…

–       One tip of advice, break the goal or goals into small pieces and steps and try to work them as you go, week by week, a few hours a day or on the weekend, and see where it takes you. When smaller it looks and will feel less daunting.

–       Check out your calendar, notice the steps mentioned in the video and the improvement (make sure you have given each step the proper time and filled them out when needed in the calm and fair introspection they deserve! 🙂 – it helps you to put things in perspective!).

–       As a refresher, below are the titles of the steps (the details are in the video):

  • Step 1: Get clear on what the big issues are in your time management.
  • Step 2: Map out your day and your week (how it looks like and how you would want it to be like).
  • Step 3: Let’s set those boundaries!
  • Step 4: Implement new habits.
  • Step 5: Look at your environment…
  • Step 6: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!
  • Step 7: Perfection, perfection, perfectiooooon 🙂
  • Step 8: Interruptions, how to manage them and work well with people around us.
  • Step 9: Full baskets!
  • Step 10: Relax and don’t forget to have a bit of fun 😉

We look forward to your thoughts on the video and give a “thumbs up” if you like it and share your comments!

We love to know what you think and hopefully if this is helpful to you and your work in self-improvement.

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