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September 8, 2016

I had the pleasure to sit with Patricia Rahme, a friend and a wonderful artist who has her own brand – Patrizia – catching up over a cup of coffee and a long overdue chat.
After that was done, we sat to discuss about her, her path and atelier as I wanted to share her story to all as it was an inspiration to many and myself included.

Who is Patricia Rahme – The woman behind Patrizia?
A dreamer, a believer, and an artist ring-maker 🙂

What should someone – seeking you – look for?
The perfect ring, a unique piece of jewelry, be it in its originality – a ring that you can pass on from generation to generation as heirloom…

Can you tell us a bit about the spirit of your designs hence you started?
Patrizia pieces have strong characters – inspired by nature, animals and the sea world, with a hint of Renaissance and Medieval feel.

Can you tell us about your creative process?
It all starts with an idea… and a block of wax. I do not draw my designs – I, rather, experiment with wax.
You cannot begin to imagine how much fun my work can be. The wax is a mystic and lenient material. You can add or remove from the design and always get astonishing results.
What can I say! I am in love wax.
When the wax phase is done, I cast and bring it to life with the desired metals and stones, be it Gold, Silver or Bronze.

 Who do you envision wearing your work? Does it affect your designs?
Patrizia is for everyone! Of different ages, of different tastes, every client will find a certain comfort and admiration for a specific piece that will match their personality.

What is your typical working day like?
I start the day with calls, then emails, then all my social media works. I sort out my new orders, marketing/PR. Meeting with clients is important to get to know them and understand them.
I move on to visiting suppliers, buying stones.
Creativity and sculpting start at night… That’s my relaxation time!

You also do customized wedding rings and attire, can you elaborate?
This year, I created several engagement, wedding and promise rings.
Everyone is requesting originality in the design.
A ring can be simple yet unique regardless of the metal and shape.
I have started a new collection of Arabic Calligraphy rings and so far, my client love them and I am glad they are choosing them as their wedding rings.
I am happy when my clients share their special moments with me.
Through my work and my art, they make me part of their lives.

What should a bride consider when choosing her customized jewelry?
My creations are quite organic, wild and detailed; thus her dress must be very simple for her to wear such expressive bold customized jewelry.
It’s important for me to see the dress before I start designing the jewelry.
Working on a single ring is simple. But when it’s a whole jewelry set or necklace I need to design, having the dress in mind is important, to better recommend and get inspired.

What is your favorite piece in your protfolio?
My logo.
I advise the readers to visit me and know the story behind my logo 🙂

What are some new pieces you are working on?
I am elaborating more the ‘Arabic’ and ‘Heartless’ collections to be released, hopefully, in November.

What are your plans for the coming future?
To travel the world and take as many vacations as I want. Hehe! Really!!
I do not have plans, I have dreams… and quite a lot of them.
I like to surprise people! Just wait and see 🙂

What is your motto?
‘Let your ring choose you’.
At first, people were perplexed but now they believe – especially with customized rings. They have the power to attract their wearer with their character.

And finally, an inspirational note or word for our readers?
Create dreams and accomplish them.
Your goals and dreams need time and effort… Never stop believing in what you desire… Just be patient.

By Marie-Christine Melhem.

Ring Photos Credit to: Reine Chahine.
Bride Photos Credit to: A Fist Full of Bolts.


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