How can personal branding help you?

How can personal branding help you?

You might be in a career transition, perhaps planning to launch something, be a solopreneur and need a strong brand? Or simply put, you are not satisfied with how you are perceived by your peers and colleagues? This calls for a bit of personal branding work. If you feel this is what you want and you are ready for it, of course.

I know I am trying to constantly improve myself, so I thought and I hope this blog post and tips would be helping you too.

What is for sure, you would feel more confident once you know what you stand for, your promise and what you deliver – as you go and as you craft yourself and your relationship with your clients, peers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, and the list goes on.

From my coaching learnings and studies, along with marketing observations and a bit of life observations, your branding is your indelible image, your persona, what you stand for, your promise to the people you will be working with/ servicing/ supplying your products, etc…

If you work on your brand, you could feel and be more valuable to others. Opportunities would come to you or at least it would be easier to attract potential gigs.

You will also make better use of your time, because it is easier to know where the good opportunities and not chase after everything. I know sometimes opportunities are hidden in places and “poof!” comes on by surprise, but I believe this is combined with hard work, planning and also surfing on the improvisations that life brings upon – so a little bit of everything.

Few tips that can help you to build your personal brand:

  • Consistent persona. Funnily enough (and you might say I am contradicting myself), sometimes your consistency can be that you are not consistent. You always surprise. But what should be consistent is the talent and quality of your service.
    However, this depends as well on your field of work. In some fields, you have to be consistent and this is how it should be.
  • Whether you like or hate the brand, however their mark is recognizable. You know it is X or Y just from seeing it. Have memorability whenever your brand or another brand shows up underlines your mark.
  • What are the adjectives that you would like to describe your brand?
  • What are the ones you won’t like to be associated with you?
  • It’s also hard to talk about your brand, if you are like me and knowing me, my family and my friends, we are pretty chilled people and don’t like to talk much about ourselves. Also I – like many others – suffer from the ‘imposter syndrome’, so technically it’s a constant work in progress on myself on that part and I try to improve myself on that. It’s hard and I mostly undersell myself but I am trying to work on that.
    I don’t like pompousness but also one should be able to talk about what good things he/she can bring in to a project, in all honesty and modesty.
  • If you already have a brand, a tip is to work on standing out. Assess your brand, what makes you good? What do you present that is unique to you?
    Will people think of you first when they have a need as an expert in your respective field – or on your way to be one if you are starting your path or crafting a new path for yourself? I love to see how people and brands evolve over time.
  • What is your presence like? Or your brand’s? How does it come across? Your dress, your presence, your logo, your marketing material? How is it memorable?
  • Does your brand tell people you bring them value? This is what it is for professionals: value!
    How are you helping or how can you help?
  • How is your brand trustworthy?
    One thing that worries me in this day and age (and perhaps even before and good camouflage helps to cover it, like fond de teint), is the forgetfulness and forgivingness that sometimes can break a brand but it doesn’t.
    Sometimes a brand needs to fix something and they do – but sometimes I honestly have concerns on how X or Y brand got up in the first place and don’t really enjoy the process of brand creation and more see it for manipulation and truly smart yet manipulative feats. Not my cup of tea.
    If we have to think correct and honest, trustworthy is something that is to be underlined.

IF we are to divide in a few points the above here they are: uniqueness, consistency, memorability, value providing, trustworthiness.
We must keep our eyes open on people and brands, because all the frou frou make us forget the above and what really matters at the end of day.

Now back to you dear reader (and myself) who are working on ourselves and our brands or for the brands we are working with and collaborating on: where can you improve? Where do you feel you are good? Where is it more ‘so and so’?

On my part, even though in some places I am consistent – in my work in advertising and audio visual, you can see that. But, I also love to surprise, and people sometimes misplace me or think they know who I am, what I like etc… and then boom – I surprise them as I love exploring things, activities, tastes, music, fields, medias of expression… you can find me almost anywhere very comfortable.
I love the element of surprise, but the consistency in my work and the quality is what I aim to always bring on the table.

Sometimes, I found out that branding gets your talent through, which is good. But I love also finding true talent where that so called branding is less present. Sometimes, you find treasures there and I have an affinity for the underdog then the polished perfect thing because what they bring forth could be more honest and real than a super polished too good to be true brand. Humanity is very important. And compassion, humanity and empathy are for me the best traits one can have in a personal brand – perhaps I am digressing but that is ok. It is my little spot on the net but I wanted this was to come out at the end.

And with that note, I would like to wish you luck and support you, be it in this blog or in the positive boosts we can give each other here and there. When I started, it was pretty modest and then I got to meet people, who referred me, etc… and it’s the least to give back and do that. And these referrals slowly build you and your brand as you service them and work together on projects.

Be open to try new things. Have your style and commitment (this is what should stand out and be consistent in), you have a base and then you could move to something bigger and better when found hopefully. Stick to something but also be open to variety, easier said than done, I know. And most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t work – try something else. Also easier said than done. Let’s see how this life takes us, shall we?

Hope you enjoy this read and it was helpful.
Would love to know what you think!

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Stay warm and take care of yourself… A few thoughts for 2019 and your last days of January.

Stay warm and take care of yourself… A few thoughts for 2019 and your last days of January.

Half way through January 2019, we got ourselves some lovely storms. I say lovely because this is how winter is supposed to be – however it showed that our infrastructure needs quite a lot of work and our authorities more transparency and care for their citizens. Ca laisse a desirer.

Nevertheless, this is not a post to talk about that; many people covered that before me. But I will be sharing my thoughts and little practices that I do to stay in a good mood and shape during these cold months.

Some of my Drinking / Eating Perks of the Winter Mode:

  • A good cup of coffee (or hot chocolate if the season requires and your appetite too ;)), be it at home or in a coffee shop; snuggle in a good read or music (or both) and you can set your cozy atmosphere as you fancy.
    We need to recharge in the winter; just as nature does and the animals instinctively do (when those buddies go into hibernation). We should be taking this time to relax and renew our energies and strength by breaks and activities that would be beneficial for us.
  • Cheese and wine platters (hello baby :))
  • But! I am digressing. Good drinks, good drinks, aaah yes, zhourat and café blanc are treats too (at least for me)!
  • Soups, be it from our local yumminess of 3adas b 7amoud (lentil soup) to onion soup, vegetable soups… mmmm (I am hungry again and I just finished lunch).
A roadtrip ride through Ehden in the snow.

While I enjoy every season for the magic it brings; I always found it hard to calm down and hibernate a bit in the winter season. But I could use the rest. What do you do in the winter?

I enjoy to stay upbeat so in my drives to and from work, I created a playlist with my sister and she had selected all kind of upbeat songs. The result is quite funny, I start singing and busting some moves as I am driving and sometimes get too happy because of a song and end a little (if not to say a lot) off than the other drivers.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, I prefer happy and friendly than aggressive and pissed off driving due to the traffic or anything else.

As January is the first month of the year, I find myself still wrapping up some of the notes I had in the last days of December. I usually go through them in the first 2 weeks and try to see what needs to go forth and what can I put in the drawer until further notice. Which makes me go into declutter mode.

If you know me, I try to declutter as much as I can – every now and then. From my clothes, to material things, to books, to digital decluttering, etc… And this month is no exception, I looked in my drawers, closet and my personal library and still find clothes, shoes, backpacks, bags and books to donate.

On another note, art and literature have been a very important parts in my life. Until I started to work as full time, I used to be all the time in these fields along with sports.

I am reconnecting with these fields again, YAY! Slowly but surely. And it feels great! From attending plays, concerts, sports events here and there and re-stocking on some books and devouring others I had piled in my casa.

All this got me to a time to think; these activities allow you to enjoy time and let it flow its natural course. In this day and age we are more rushed than ever.

For this year 2019, one of my hopes is to be able to appreciate and take time for the things that need to. Be less rushed and adding a million trillion things to my agenda. I am always on the go, I forgot what it was to sit and enjoy the moment. If I am reading, for example, just enjoy the read not be worried of what I might be missing.

The thing is I get too hyped, and my thought process becomes like a ping pong battle in my head. SO other than decluttering in the physical and digital realms, I try to calm my overactive brain and just go with the time as it should be.

It’s a work in progress but I try my best.

And when it happens, I find myself enjoying my time more.

After a long absence, I got to watch the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra play!
I love them and the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra too!!

Spending time with my family, friends and loved ones is also something that I treasure deeply. Sometimes, I get swamped with work but now; I am working on setting the balance back on track again. You feel – truly feel – fresh and happy.

And this is what I wish for all! A truly fresh and happy 2019. I might do a little blog about it 🙂 will keep you posted.

I hope you stay warm and take care <3


My first unboxing video!

My first unboxing video!

Hi guys,

Hope you are doing fantabulously well!
I am happy to share with you my first unboxing video.
I received the Achieve Box by Business Books Lebanon, which is being launched now, in April 2018. Business Books Lebanon is a community that supports business professionals.

Make sure to check out their blog: What would you like me to unbox next? Write it in the comments box below! xxx Subscribe to my channel and like this video if you do 🙂 It means a lot!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses.



I took the WSET Level 1 – brought by Chateau Ksara

I took the WSET Level 1 – brought by Chateau Ksara

Hello everyone,

Happy first week of March, I filmed this vlog a little while back – in early February. I was kindly invited by Chateau Ksara who brought the program to Lebanon. We were taken through the course by the wonderful Master of Wine, Mr. Matthew Stubbs.
In the end we had an exam! It was quite interesting to sit for an exam for me after a good while out of the picture, heheh.
But I am happy to say that I have passed and am waiting for the pin and certification. Wouhouu!

I hope you enjoy this vlog, write me in the comment box or in my social media links. Like this video, if you do, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell so you can stay in touch whenever I upload some new content – and I’ll see you very soon!


Chateau Ksara:

WSET Global:


Mother’s Day Yoga with Lipton

Mother’s Day Yoga with Lipton

Happy Mother’s Day everybody!

In Lebanon, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the first day of spring – the 21st of March. Lipton organized a lovely Mother-Daughter Yoga Event with Sarvam Yoga in the wonderful Sursock Gardens. It was a lovely event to attend. Wished my mom didn’t have to work, we would have had fun together, but I was able to vlog this event and share it with you guys and got to meet lovely people along the way!

Wishing you a lovely rest of day and Happy Mother’s Day!
Love, Marie-Christine

What I loved in February

What I loved in February

Ahoy Mateys!

New vlog has set to shore!

I would like to share you my February 2018 Favourites 🙂
– 7 Habits by Highly Effective People, Steven Covey:
– “مسيرة حياة، كمال يحيى سنو، بائع الفرح”, Christine Habib.
– The Lebanese Food Bank:
– “Les tres riches heures d’Antoine Naufal”, Nada Anid:
– Annahar Newspaper:
– Chocolate and Sunshine:
– MLR Planner Matters:
– Put yourself first, Rana el Saaidi:
– Zawarib:

Click the link in my bio to check out the things I loved this February 2018 🤗 aaaaand i would love to know yours ✨