Ta3o Ma3e on a Beqaa Wine Tour – 209 Lebanese Wine – Coteaux du Liban & Chateau Ksara

Ta3o Ma3e on a Beqaa Wine Tour – 209 Lebanese Wine – Coteaux du Liban & Chateau Ksara

Hello everyone,

So happy to have you on my platform. And if you are visiting again, I am truly happy to have you back.
Come with me on a Beqaa Wine Tour with 209 Lebanese Wine where we tasted and visited the wineries: Coteaux du Liban and Chateau Ksara. We sampled delicious wines and both wineries were more than generous. I was glad to be part of the group of 209 Lebanese Wine and the vibe was simply amazing.

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Where I went:
– Coteaux du Liban: http://www.libancave.com/
– Chateau Ksara: http://www.chateauksara.com

Whom I was with:
– 209 Lebanese Wine: https://www.209lebanesewine.com/
and friends 🙂


Chateau Heritage – a visit with 209 Lebanese Wine

Chateau Heritage – a visit with 209 Lebanese Wine

Hello guys,

I hope you are well and doing hopefully fantabulously fine! I had the pleasure to visit with 209 Lebanese Wine the lovely Chateau Heritage. We were taken through the history of the winemaker, the winery and his touching homage to his father: Elie Touma. We tasted delicious wines and were treated to a lovely lunch.
Come with me on this little excursion in the Beqaa Valley and Chateau Heritage.

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Take care xxx

What I loved in February

What I loved in February

Ahoy Mateys!

New vlog has set to shore!

I would like to share you my February 2018 Favourites 🙂
– 7 Habits by Highly Effective People, Steven Covey: https://www.stephencovey.com/7habits/7habits.php
– “مسيرة حياة، كمال يحيى سنو، بائع الفرح”, Christine Habib.
– The Lebanese Food Bank: http://lebanesefoodbank.org
– “Les tres riches heures d’Antoine Naufal”, Nada Anid: http://www.antoineonline.com/
– Annahar Newspaper: https://www.annahar.com
– Chocolate and Sunshine: https://www.instagram.com/chocolateandsunshine/
– MLR Planner Matters: https://www.facebook.com/mlrMattersInternationalUSA/
– Put yourself first, Rana el Saaidi: https://www.facebook.com/coach.ranaelsaadi/
– Zawarib: http://www.zawarib.org

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Snowshoeing in Arz Tannourine | White Paper Packages

Snowshoeing in Arz Tannourine | White Paper Packages

Hello everyone!

It’s been a good while I didn’t post a vlog. This one was filmed almost 3 weekends back and just got round to editing it amidst lots of work and personal thoughts and soul searching in between.
I hope 2018 is starting beautifully for you with lots of adventures on many levels.

Come with me, ta3o ma3e, on this snowshoeing trip with Dale Corazon. We went for a good snowshoe hike in Tannourine Reserve. A magical trip.

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Where I am:
– Tannourine Reserve: http://arztannourine.org/tannourine/

Whom I am with:
– Dale Corazon: http://www.dalecorazon.com/

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– Instagram: white_paper_packages
– Twitter: @Packagespaper
– Facebook and YouTube: White Paper Packages
– Blog: whitepaperpackages.co
– Email: whitepaperpackages@gmail.com


5 things to do before 2018

5 things to do before 2018

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing wonderfully well today 🙂 I am writing you a few days after Christmas and a few days before the New Year. I also shared a vlog about it linked here. It is a period of transition where I feel in introspect and want to go through my year in retrospective and take back what I learned from the good, the bad and the in between.

I would like to share to you my 5 tips to do or think of before you launch yourself in 2018. These points resonate to me now so I thought it would be nice to share with you. Perhaps it can be helpful and beneficial to you!

1- Your annual review: Reflect on your year. Acknowledge where you are, be thankful and grateful for it – craft your dreams, write down your goals and set out a schedule for yourself to reach them in 2018 (time them with breaks and fun times please J and allocate some ME time (I don’t have the time sometimes to do basic things, put on crème and lotion, put nail polish… it is good to care for yourself, a massage, do what tickles your fancy) – don’t be too harsh on yourself, you deserve to rest among the challenges – and if some goals were not achieved, they can be at their own pace – see what you did so far and be nice to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others as well.
Acknowledge, appreciate your hard work (don’t forget to see it), be grateful for this year and move forth.

2 – Do more of what you love: be it read books, savor a good movie in the cinema, go to a local exhibition or concerts – connect with your artistic side.

This month was full of events and still some are ongoing! Examples are many such as (off the top of my head) Beirut Chants, there are also many cool workshops happening out and about, Wine Tastings (ex: Cantina Sociale), The Village Christmas Market, Christmas at the Villa, Christmas in Action, Souk el Akel Christmas Edition, and the list goes on…

I love discovering events, exhibitions, and cultures, enjoy a movie, read, etc…
Among other things, I love exploring new places: go on a roadtrip, explore, take a tour, hikes, your own car, bikes, discover your home country – we always have so much to explore. Create memories and be happy. Work will always be happening but it’s good to balance and look at your life and feel you have lived.

Extra tip: Get creative and express your passions: be it by plant trees (or flowers). Create your own candles, create personalized gifts for your loved ones.

3 – Spend time with your family and loved ones: Host a family gather (and/or friend gather). Good food, good mood, good wine. For instance, today we are hosting a gooood crepes night with my cousins and their kids, my parents, siblings and aunts. And you can’t imagine how fun it would be. We all fall back into childhood and enjoy ourselves together around a yummy treat. 

4- Get healthy and monitor your physical activities. Who said there are only activities to do in the summer? There are so many activities to do from sports, to hikes, to tours (so basically just walk :)).

5- Pamper yourself. You deserve it – you passed by this year with its entire positive aspects and challenges. You deserve a good tap on the back and a cheer. This goes also in your annual review and aims for the next year (stated previously).

Bonus Tip:  De-clutter your life in the physical, emotional and even digital sense. Have your closet cleaned up (de-clutter, when I do, it feels like a weight is removed from my shoulder. Donate what you don’t want or – be it as a gift to your friends and family or give them to those who need them and charities).

Not only on the physical aspect, but on the emotional and digital aspect as well, de-cluttering is important. These kinds of cleanups are amazing to the soul and you feel like you are turning a new page with less weight on your heart and mind.

What do you think about my 5 tips (with the bonus tip)? I would love to know what your thoughts are. Feel free to write me here or on my email (check the contact me section), share it with people. Let me know in what way this vlog or blog post might have inspired you to do. I hope you enjoyed watching this video or the read.

I will see you very soon. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

Vlogmas Day 16 – 17 – Bookyard

Vlogmas Day 16 – 17 – Bookyard

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Vlogmas Day 16-17. This weekend, I am taking you with me to BookYard in Jbeil – the Christmas edition of BookYard.

Come with me – ta3o ma3e – there you can buy and exchange old and used books. It was a fun and light weekend.
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Where I stayed:
– Hotel Amada: http://amadabyblos.weebly.com/contact.html

Where I was:
– BookYard: https://www.facebook.com/BookYard/

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– Facebook and YouTube: White Paper Packages
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