What I loved in February

What I loved in February

Ahoy Mateys!

New vlog has set to shore!

I would like to share you my February 2018 Favourites 🙂
– 7 Habits by Highly Effective People, Steven Covey: https://www.stephencovey.com/7habits/7habits.php
– “مسيرة حياة، كمال يحيى سنو، بائع الفرح”, Christine Habib.
– The Lebanese Food Bank: http://lebanesefoodbank.org
– “Les tres riches heures d’Antoine Naufal”, Nada Anid: http://www.antoineonline.com/
– Annahar Newspaper: https://www.annahar.com
– Chocolate and Sunshine: https://www.instagram.com/chocolateandsunshine/
– MLR Planner Matters: https://www.facebook.com/mlrMattersInternationalUSA/
– Put yourself first, Rana el Saaidi: https://www.facebook.com/coach.ranaelsaadi/
– Zawarib: http://www.zawarib.org

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Books, books, books!!!

Books, books, books!!!

Hello book lovers!!!!

Do you have too many books, want to declutter, work on updating your library, stare or sell your books? There are different ways to connect and share your love for books 🙂

1) Donate:
You can donate to public libraries, schools or associations who can use your help in this.

2) Sell your used books:
There are Facebook groups in Lebanon where book lovers can swap or buy books. There is also the lovely BookYard event that happens in Jbeil (and sometimes other locations) and there is the Monot Street Book Market.

3) The Free Libraries:
Three days ago, I saw on Facebook a video about the Little Free Library in Beirut Digital District and in Sin el Fil Public Garden (saw that one maybe 2 years ago there), I don’t know if there are other places but it would be sooooo nice to have other places like this pop up here and there.

What ideas do you have? Do you know any Little Free Libraries in other areas of Beirut and the country? Share your tips on book sharing/selling/swapping/giving and connecting! Long live culture 🙂

Here are a few links that might be interesting for you to browse for your search for books, public libraries and local events:
– http://www.learningtocare.com/?q=publiclibraries (I also saw a public library in Bickfaya, but it was the weekend so I didn’t know it was open). – http://english.al-akhbar.com/node/20447
– http://www.avs.org.lb/cvclpubliclibraries.html
– http://www.llaweb.org/lib_directory/index.php?cid=20
– http://www.assabil.com/en/
– http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2004/Nov-20/3452-beiruts-second-public-library-opens-in-a-garden.ashx
– https://www.facebook.com/BookYard/?fref=ts

Good night to all!!