Stay warm and take care of yourself… A few thoughts for 2019 and your last days of January.

Half way through January 2019, we got ourselves some lovely storms. I say lovely because this is how winter is supposed to be – however it showed that our infrastructure needs quite a lot of work and our authorities more transparency and care for their citizens. Ca...

Ta3o Ma3e on a Beqaa Wine Tour – 209 Lebanese Wine – Coteaux du Liban & Chateau Ksara

Hello everyone, So happy to have you on my platform. And if you are visiting again, I am truly happy to have you back. Come with me on a Beqaa Wine Tour with 209 Lebanese Wine where we tasted and visited the wineries: Coteaux du Liban and Chateau Ksara. We sampled...

Ta3o Ma3e – come with me – to JamaloukiCon Day3

And this is the finale of JamaloukiCon day 3 🙂 It was a hectic day and I missed most of the conferences I wanted to attend but was able to catch the last one on my list.I hope you enjoy this video, I attended the very interesting conference "Commerce Today: Instagram...

Ta3o Ma3e – come with me – to JamaloukiCon Day 2

Hi guys, Hello, hello, hello, here is my coverage for JamaloukiCon day 2! I went to 2 conferences: - "Luxury Brands and Bloggers: The Winning Formula" with Gary Pinagot and Camila Coelho. - "Using your influence for a good cause" with Jessica Kahawaty, Tanya Chapuisat...

Ta3o Ma3e – come with me – to JamaloukiCon Day1

Hello guys! It's been a while and I am treating you (or hope I am) with a long vlog! I wanted to squeeze 3 days of filming my experience in JamaloukiCon but ending up sharing day 1 here! Will share to you super soon day 2 and day 3. Hope you like this video/coverage...


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